Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ethylene Removal Fact Sheet

Ethylene Removal System Fact sheet:    AgraCo Website
  • Ethylene Gas
         Virtually all fruits and vegetables give off a natural gas called ethylene. This is a gas that starts the ripening cycle. Our Extend-a-Life filters and sachets absorb most of the ethylene produced by these fruits and vegetables. By absorbing this ethylene gas, our filters, sachets and systems will increase the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables by as much as two to four weeks longer than normal. Think how much this will save you!

  • Ethylene producers and ethylene sensitive products
      Products such as melons, bananas, avocados and tomatoes for example are considered ethylene producers. Products such as lettuce, broccoli, and carrots are considered ethylene sensitive; this means that these products will decay rapidly when exposed to even the smallest amounts of ethylene gas. Reducing ethylene gas will also improve the life of ethylene producing products.

  • Avoid throwing away Produce
Would you like to increase the life of your produce? Provide more nutrition for people in need? Ethylene Extend -A -Life ethylene filters will give you longer life and reduce your spoils.  
  • US Navy Test Results for our Ethylene Absorption Filters  
The US Navy has been using our filters for the past 5 years. Their test show a
245% improvement shelf life for tomatoes, 88% for lettuce, 10% for Cucumbers, and 9% for Oranges. The results of the test confirmed that the Extend A Life Ethylene filters perform extremely well, also the Extend -A -Life Ethylene filters reduces mold, bacteria and odors in  your cold rooms.

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