Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seed test

This seed test commenced on may 1st, 2012. The goal of this test is to check the efficiency of seed inoculation with two different soil amendments, NitroMax manufactured by J&J Agri-products and Services Inc. and System D Manufactured by AgraCo Technologies International, LLC (also known as Potter's Mix) and a control, in this instance water only.

The points of the test will be:
1) Speed of germination
2) Heartiness of plant stalks
3) Size, and count of leaves
4) Size, and count of roots and feeder roots
5) Size and count of nodules

To assure all three tests were conducted evenly, the same seedling medium was used. Eco-co coir, a coconut husk medium was saturated with 6000 ml of warm water.
All three were started in Fast Start seed starter trays. with 24 - 2" cells per tray, in accordance with the manufacturers directions.
The three trays were filled with 1000ml of warm water, and then sprayed with their respective inoculents.
3-6 seeds  were added to each cell and pushed 1/4" under the surface as per the packet instructions. One packet of seed was used to assure that there were limited differences due to handling in manufacture.

 The control was sprayed with plain tap water,

the second with a 20:1 ratio of NitroMax (36ml NitroMax to 712ml warm water),

and the third with a 20:1 ratio of System D (36ml System D to 712 ml warm water.

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