Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seed test Day 16

Day 16 Control

Day 16 NitroMax

Day 16 System D

Day 16 side by side comparison

Day 16 Control Measurement (about 3 cm)

Day 16 NitroMax measurement (about 5 cm)

Day 16 SystemD measurement (about 6cm)

Day 16 side by side comparison

Day 16 Control root measurement (about 5 cm)

Day 16 NitroMax root measurement (about 6 cm)

Day 16 root measurement (about 6cm)

Day 16 NitroMax feeder roots

Day 16 SystemD feeder roots

Day 16 Control feeder roots

This is not part of the test group, but they are the prior plants picked and measured from the three groups. Notice the feeder roots growing out of the bottom of the planter and spreading out into the petri dish.
The three groups are beginning to crowd the seedling containers, so on the 16th day of the test, the largest of each group were removed and replanted in a 3X6 rack and placed outside using store bought potting soil. Great care was taken to preserve hair and feeder roots  and to avoid disturbing the growing medium, as much as possible.

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